What is Sinwattana?

     Sinwattana is the name of new CrowdFunding platform in Thailand, which aims to serve millions of people over the world. Our platform including all models of CrowdFunding which are Donation, Reward, Equity, Lending, and Hybrid-based. Not only CrowdFunding platform, but we also have CrowdFunding services which are CrowdFunding SaaS and CrowdFunding software package. The team has started their ideas with enthusiasm since several months ago in Bangkok, Thailand; currently, the production platform has been launched on www.sinwattana.com starting from 5 January 2015 with the concept of TRUST, INTEGRITY, and DIGNITY. The platform embedded with various features with service mind from knowledge and experience from our whole team members. We are honor welcome everyone to participate on our platform, and we hope that our platform will serve you very well.

Sinwattana Team
Thailand CrowdFunding Platform