Answer yourself these essential questions to get your campaign successful

Objective with Campaign - what do you want to fund and how much?

Who is your CROWD? Who are you speaking to exactly? Who are the alternative crowd?

What are the values on which they will say to you?

What is your call to action? What are you asking from the crowd specifically?

Who is your user and what is their problem? What pain are you solving for them? Which need are you addressing?

What is your product and its 3 key features and corresponding benefits?

Personal WHY - Who are we? What is our personal passion? What is our why? Reason for being etc?

Product WHY - What is our big vision? What is the impact we will have on the world? How will we change people's lives?

Simple statement of what change you and your product are making in the world?

What are the values on which they will say Yes to you?

What is your unique value proposition? (7 words or less)?

Step 1: Preparation

In order to make your campaign success, it’s need more than just a good product or service. Campaigns who raise 30% to 50% of their goal in the first week will has more chance to achieve their goal more than those who don’t. The secret behind the successful campaign is 'preparation'.

Why Building Email List?

Email is 33% more effective than other forms of outreach. Email is the way you will keep in touch with your community.

Create Social Media Account

Building your brand, increasing visibility and engaging with your audience is easier to do when you have a strong social media presence.

Marketing Plan

Plan from the first day to do in steps along the way. You must know who are you targeting? and plan to get attentions as campaign progresses.

Step 2: Network Planning

Create mail list

Your audience are made as many layers. Some may just get to know you, some may want to know more about your products/services, and some may need to get the deep information from you.

Get your list grow bigger. Motivate people to sign up with you to get some advance or privileges profit from you.

Social media plan

Put your personality into it, and make sure you are telling your story on each channel. Plan on what type of media can be posted to each social media such as images, text, video, link... etc.

Social media acitivites

Be creative about engaging audiences via social media to get attention. Create a campaign to make people share your story and posts.

Step 3: Crafting Campaign

Create a Story Roadmap

Determine what story will be at the heart of your campaign.Use everyday language (no jargon) with words that convey confdence in your project and explain:

  1. WHY you are doing this campaign
  2. WHO the campaign will beneft
  3. WHAT is the inspiration of this campaign
  4. WHAT the campaign actually is
  5. WHERE it will take place
  6. WHAT you’re raising money for—and where it will go (example, breaking down the total into buckets such as administrative costs, material fees, etc. so people can see that you’ve thought it out carefully.)

Keep it Short and Interesting

Grab the reader’s attention up front and fll in necessary details from there. Use callouts and quotes to visually draw readers in (like this!). Your sentences should be short and clear and use everyday language. The goal is to make your story relatable and understandable to everyone.

Pictures and video are more interesting than texts

The words in your pitch are important, but the visuals are often the most powerful element you can include in your campaign.

Step 4: Video Presentation

Tips for video!

Wow viewers in the frst 10 seconds

Introduce yourself or your team briefy and tell why you’re involved in the campaign

Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes, and ideally half that length

Step 5: Previlege Rewards

Set Up Your Rewards Strategy

Keeping reward tiers to a minimum. Campaigns with more than 6-7 reward options tend to be confusing

Simplifying your language for rewards. Make it clear exactly what they’ll get at each tier

Remembering to put yourself in your contributors’ shoes – what reward at what price would excite you?

Privilege rewards are an effective way to incentivize people to support your campaign. campaigns offering perks raise 143% more money than those that do not. Perks help you attract a larger audience, make people feel more valued for their contributions.

Step 6: Campaign Summision

Make sure to review all the parts to be correct and clean. And here is a few things you need to bear in mind:

Don’t expect magic

Every successful campaign need a lot of effort behind the scence.

Pitch text

concise ,compelling, interesting and sexy.

Video presentation

good picture, good quality, features your product.


plenty of beautiful pictures of your product.

Campaign Details

what you are trying to accomplish, what you need and what you are going to do with it.


Make the crowd feel like it worth paying for. Remember the concept of limited edition.

Do not spam

please look closely on the feedbacks of your posts wither what kind of post reflect great feedback and the best in what time. That will optimize your posts.